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This is a communication and collaboration space to develop a common tactile code.  More… 



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About tactile icons

You often hear about the Internet of Things, or IOT.  For us, IOT stands for the Interface of Things.  This space promotes tactile shapes that have meaning.  Our first step was to design  tactile icons for microwaves, ovens and dishwashers.  These icons are now used for the HALOS overlays and are die cut from translucent silicone sheets.  Some shapes are helpful, others need work.  The material and process have limitations but it is an excellent method to learn about functional tactile outlines.

The next steps are to refine the current set, develop icons for other appliances and explore new domains.  What is a good tactile icon for the ‘ice cube’ setting on a refrigerator?  If you have any thoughts or comments let us know.  We thrive on collaboration and productive communication.    Contact us at tangibleSurfaceResearch@gmail.com or post a message on our facebook page.