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HALOS - Home Appliance Label and Overlay System

Tactile stickers and custom overlays for your microwave, oven, dishwasher and more! Oven Overlay

Introducing tactile icons - shapes that identify your home appliance features. These helpful tactile shapes can be used as individual stickers or part of a tactile appliance overlay. Perfect for people with low or no vision who have appliances with flat touch surface controls.

Customer comments:

"Creative solution; innovative; easy to use; love the choices of color and shape; love the idea of creating custom markers; reasonably priced."

"Much much better than plastic bumps, tape, or braille. I'm told they look nice on the unit as well."

We offer two products - Tactile icon stickers and custom tactile overlays

Tactile Icon Stickers

These stickers are shaped to identify the function of a button on your microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, dryer - any appliance. For example the start icon is a triangle shape, stop/cancel is an X shape, defrost is a water droplet shape, and power level is a stairstep shape. Tactile Icon on Stop Button
Shapes have been tested by blind and visually impaired evaluators to make sure they convey the appropriate meaning of the button. The tactile stickers are packaged by appliance type and come in a variety of colors to either contrast or blend with the control panel color. Listed below are the packages and the tactile icon stickers in each package.

Oven package: Start, Stop/Cancel, Bake, Broil, Timer, Clock, Increase, Decrease

Microwave package: Start, Stop/Cancel, Add Time, Power Level, Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Defrost, Timer. microwave icons

Dishwasher package: Start, Stop/Cancel, Heavy, Normal, Light Load, Quick Wash, Rinse, Smart Mode, Heat Dry, High Heat

Washer package: Start, Stop/Cancel, Heavy, Normal, Light Load, Temp, Rinse, Spin Speed, Soil Level

Dryer package: Start, Stop/Cancel, Heavy, Normal, Light Load, Temp, Time Dry, Heat Level, Air Dry

Custom package: Specify up to 10 items to label.

Colors are: black, gray, orange, or multicolor.

A set of tactile stickers cost $5 plus shipping.

For sale at LSS Products! (microwave, oven and washer stickers only)

Visit LSS products - HALOS Stickers at LSS

All products and options are available through Etsy.com:

Visit our Etsy store - HALOSystem

Custom Tactile Overlays

A custom tactile overlay is a single sheet that covers your appliance control panel. The overlay has a thin, non-glare backing with translucent tactile icons for each appliance button. You can feel each button but also see through the button to read the labels below.

The HALOS overlay package consists of

1. A custom tactile overlay for your appliance.

2. A text description of the overlay so you can learn the shapes of all the buttons on your appliance. If you provide an email address we will send you a digital version of the instructions. If you need a braille translation of the instructions, please let us know as it will be an additional cost.

3. A visual map of all the tactile icons for your appliance.

An overlay package is $30 plus shipping.

To order by credit card or paypal:

Visit our Etsy store - HALOSystem

To order by check:

Send an email to tangibleSurfaceResearch@gmail.com and include the appliance make and model number. I will respond to the email with an electronic invoice and instructions for payment by check.

More about the overlays and tactile icons

Mystic Access podcast Tactile overlays for your home appliances

American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) AccessWorld VizLens and HALOS: Making Touchscreen Appliances and Other Devices More Blind Friendly"

If you have comments or questions about the HALOS overlays, contact us at tangibleSurfaceResearch@gmail.com or write on the HALOS facebook page at HALOSystem Facebook page

Background information about the overlays:
HALOS stands for Home Appliance Label and Overlay System. The concept was created from a crowd-funded experiment to test tactile appliance overlays for the visually impaired. We discovered there is a need to standardize on tactile cues and provide helpful overlays for people to identify all the functions on their home appliances.

As part of the experiment we developed a set of tactile icons. These tactile icons have been further developed with the incredible support of the following people -
- Three visually impaired advisers, Kay R, Kirstyn S and Lisa H.
- Deborah Beardslee, Professor in the School of Design, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
- RIT students in Professor Beardslee's 2015 Information Design Class, and
- Emma Echols, RIT Graphic Design Student as part of an independent study

The crowd-funded experiment was hosted by experiment.com. You can learn more about the experiment at Experiment.com/tangible

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